RHEM I SE published on the Mac Appstore

25. January 2017.

Point&click adventure RHEM I SE: The Mysterious Land has been released on the Mac Appstore today. When originally released, one reviewer called it "An ode to "Myst" for all point-and-click lovers, a very worthwhile project" whereas another reviewer noted "I would even find myself thinking about a puzzle when I wasn't playing. They are enormously satisfying when finally solved, and more than once I felt quite elated with myself."

So, everyone interested in puzzle and adventure games, hurry up to the Mac Appstore.


Windows and iOS versions of RHEM I SE will be released in the upcoming weeks.



Release date: 24. January 2017.
Original developer: Knut Müller

OSX 10.10.5 or better

Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10


512 MB VRAM, 1,5 Ghz CPU, 1 GB HDD

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