Runesoft GmbH was founded in the year 2000 in beautiful Tübingen in the southwest of Germany. The initial products of the small company, that where completely ported and published by Runesoft, have been Adventuresoft´s classic adventure "Simon The Sorcerer 2" and Topware´s Real Time Strategy Warefare Game "Earth 2140". Both games were released for Apple Macintosh and Amiga computers.

2003 saw the release of Empire Builder  "Cultures: Northland", which was originally developed by Funatics  and was one of the most popular Empire Builder games of its days. This and the following titles were released both for Mac and Linux computers. The following years saw Spellbound Entertainments "Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood" and "Airline Tycoon Deluxe"  arrive one these systems.

In 2006 Runesoft ported Deck 13´s first Adventuregame "Ankh", which was voted "Game of The Year" in Germany, to Mac and Linux. In the following years the other titles of the Ankh series as well as Deck 13´s great adventure "Jack Keane" were ported for these systems.

A sidestep into the world of games for children was made in 2007 when Runesoft adapted dtp young entertainment´s "Pet Doc", a very popular children game in both Germany and the US, to the Mac.

"Lemure", a strategy game inspired by a very popular Amiga game from the golden age of computers and originally developed by Magnussoft from Dresden, was added to our Mac catalog in 2008. The following months saw the release of CDV´s/Nivals RTS hit "Blitzkrieg" and Topware´s "Dream Pinball 3D" for the Macintosh.

Most of the year 2011 was spent on updating our catalog for the new Mac Appstore, which changed the market dramatically that year.

In 2012 "Airline Tycoon Deluxe" finally landed on the iPhone/iPad and was our first title in the iTunes Store. Many more are to follow soon.

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