Release date: 25. October 2019.
Genre: Casual
Platform: iOS
Languages: Deutsch, English
Original developer: Magnussoft
System requirements:

iOS 11.x or higher

iPad 4 or newer


OSX 10.12.x or higher


The Legend of Rome: Wrath of Mars

When the Roman people honored a simple warrior for the victories in battle they angered the god of war. Mars, infuriated, sends his army and brings great destruction to the Roman people. Experience a challenging match 3 game and help the Roman people appease Mars, the god of war! Build and restore the proud city to its original splendor.

In Legend of Rome play through an exciting story, earn bonuses, power ups and trophies, solve mini-games and extra levels to get closer to your goal.
- Varied match 3 game with many extras.
- Play through a challenging story.
- Build and restore the city.
- Earn different bonuses, upgrades and extras.
- Solve challenging mini-games and bonus levels.
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Developed by M.G.soft