Release date: 5. November 2008.
Genre: Strategy
Platform: Mac
Languages: Deutsch, English
Original developer: Magnussoft
System requirements:

OSX: MacOS 10.5.X or higher, 1,8 GHz Intel, 512 MB RAM.


Rescue the lemurs and guide them to the exit! Can you do that?
Deep abysses, steep mountains, guileful catapult traps, hidden alleys and slippery ice-columns – there are jeopardies around every corner of the Lemurs world. Your task is to bring these cute little animals, with the help of their special abilities, to their exit alive. Let them climb, dig trenches, build bridges and use parachutes. They can do this and a lot more, and you´ll have to use all their talents wisely in many different levels. To crown your rescue mission with success, you have to consider carefully the task of every single Lemur, because you have to assign them quickly to succeed. Stick to this concept to be able to control the mass of Lemurs which are permanently walking back and forth.
You can get acquainted with their abilities until you feel safe enough to start the rescue mission in five tutorial-levels. Now it´s up to you – find the way through the Ice-, Desert- and Science Fiction World as well as through the Mysterious Forest.

- Complete a lot of challenging levels
- Four completely different kinds of gaming-worlds
- Established principle of game meets cute animated graphics in hand-crafted levels
- Five tutorial levels inclusive
- Detailed help available in game and on CD
- Hidden bonus levels
- Scalable surface
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