Adventure "Lisssn" updated on Steam

1. June 2018.

A new version of our adventure game "Lisssn" is now available from Steam. 


On popular demand we have added subtitles to the game as well as introduced a few gameplay elements that should make life a bit easier for gamers. The sound in some sections has been refined. 


The cursor movement in certain locations have been speeded up. In addition we of course fixed smaller bugs that have been reported to us.



“Lisssn” is a point-and-click adventure game for listeners in the style of adventure classics such as “RHEM” with many puzzles and mysterious machines to set in motion. But instead of having only to look closely and to combine, this one is especially about hearing and listening closely. The player is thus carefully introduced into the basic ideas of music.



Release date: 20. April 2011.
Original developer: Deck 13
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